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Is the Infrared Ray of Forehead Heat Gun Harmful To Human Body?

Since March 16, with the full resumption of work in shenzhen, people who normally work have returned to their posts. Because of the need to prevent COVID - 19, the people who work both in and out of the house and the company, including restaurants and other public places, people often use Infrared thermometer testing temperature. Some citizens are worried about the frequent exposure to infrared rays, which may harm their eyes. Feng Jun Zhao, a researcher with the Chinese center for disease control and prevention, responded, "the infrared thermometer does not send infrared light to the human body, but receives infrared heat radiation from the human body, so it does no harm to the eyes and the body." Wang Shuang Yong, an ophthalmologist at Guangzhou third hospital, responded: "the red light of the infrared thermometer is emitted by LED lights, and the correct usage is to illuminate the forehead of the subject rather than the eyes. It is possible to damage the lens and retina, especially the macular area of the retina, which will cause cataract, macular hemorrhage, edema, tear, and so on. " It is understood that the working principle of infrared thermometer is to receive the infrared ray emitted by the body temperature of the inspected person, and it is not the infrared ray emitted by it. As for the choice of measurement of the forehead or hand are no problem, you can rest assured with the work.


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