General Knowledge of Human Body Temperature

Human body is a very complex biological integrated system: body temperature is a very important life feature of human body. Generally, we measure the temperature of forehead, cochlea, anus, mouth, armpit and other places to check our health status. The body temperature measured in different parts will be different. Refering to table 1 below for specific differences. The body temperature changes with time in a day, but also affected by other external conditions, such as age, gender, skin color, skin thickness, etc. Refering to table 2 below for details of body temperature changes with age.

The body temperature of women is different from that of men. Generally, it is about 32.54 ℉higher than that of men. During ovulation, the body temperature of women will be 32.54 ℉ to 32.9℉ higher than usual. Therefore, with this we can know whether women are in ovulation period, so as to facilitate fertility or contraception. The usual way is to use a thermometer to measure the daily basic body temperature of a female individual, and then draw a curve of basic body temperature change, from which the ovulation period can be clearly seen.



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